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5 Simple Steps to Rehydrating Sea Cucumbers😋 Sea Cucumbers Can Never Touch The Oil?

Traditional Chinese medicine often says, "Health supplements are better than medication." 

Among the numerous healthy and natural foods, not only is the sea cucumber a highly regarded superfood, it also enjoys the reputation as "Ginseng of the Sea." 

Sea cucumber is mild in nature and is extremely nourishing. It is also low in fat and calories, with close to zero cholesterol. As such, it is suitable for everyone to consume daily for health maintenance, especially for those with hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, and hyperglycaemia, as well as for those suffering from chronic issues such as insomnia and joint pains.

Sea cucumber is a must-have superfood for every household. If you've been gifted or bought a large pack of sea cucumbers and unsure how best to prepare them, take a look at sea cucumber expert, Mr Fung’s detailed method of soaking sea cucumbers, bringing out their wholesome and beautiful appearance.

🔖5 Steps to Rehydrate and Prepare Sea Cucumbers:

Soaking and preparing sea cucumbers is actually a simple and straightforward process. Just remember the sequence: "Boil, steam, wash, soak," and the process is complete.

  1. Bring water to a boil and add in the sea cucumbers to boil for 10-15 mins. (note that the boiling duration varies depending on the quantity, size and thickness of the sea cucumbers.)
    Rehydrating Sea Cucumbers
  2. Turn off the heat, put on the lid of the pot and allow the sea cucumber to be “steamed” till the water cools down to room temperature. Note that it is recommended to place the original pot containing the sea cucumber in the refrigerator thereafter. Otherwise, add some ice cubes to keep the water temperature low.
    Rehydrating Sea Cucumbers
  3. Repeat steps 1️ and 2️ ,once or twice, ensuring to use fresh water each time when soaking the sea cucumber. If you notice that some sea cucumbers remain relatively firm, remove them and soak them in hot water again while ensuring that the pot lid is on.
  4. Use a toothbrush to gently remove any dirt on the exterior of the sea cucumber. Cleaning it in warm water will facilitate the removal of dirt particles. Next, using scissors, carefully cut open the sea cucumber from the mouth and remove its internal organs. Ensure that the inner walls are cleaned thoroughly and remove any fine sand that may be present.
    Rehydrating Sea Cucumbers
  5. Once the sea cucumber is thoroughly rid of any sand and dust, both inside and out, soak it in fresh water in the refrigerator for two to three days. Lastly, store it in a sealed bag in the refrigerator for use later. This complets the rehydration and preparation process. 
    *Before cooking, ensure it is completely thawed, then blanch it in ginger and cooking wine for one to two minutes. The sea cucumber is then ready to be cooked in your preferred style.
  6. Rehydrating Sea Cucumbers

💡Useful Tips:

  1. The pot used for soaking sea cucumbers should be large and spacious enough for them to expand during soaking. Typically, it's not necessary to soak all sea cucumbers at once. It is however common to buy 250g or 500g each time. Avoid overcrowding in the pot so that the sea cucumbers can “expand to their fullest”.
  2. The duration for soaking sea cucumbers varies depending on their size. Some may be fully soaked within three days, while others may require five to six days. The key is to soak the sea cucumbers until they are completely soft. Each time when changing the water, you can press lightly on the sea cucumbers to check if they have softened.

Sea Cucumbers Can Never Touch Oil?

Some people believe that sea cucumbers should not come into contact with oil during soaking, fearing that it may cause them to dissolve. However, sea cucumber experts are here to dispel this misconception 😎! Typically, when braising sea cucumbers, ingredients like pork, chicken fat or ginger and scallion oil are used. If the statement was true, one might expect sea cucumbers to vanish without a trace. In reality, sea cucumbers don't dissolve that easily upon contact with oil. So, if the pot containing the soaked sea cucumbers happens to come into contact with oil, there is simply nothing to worry about. Phew.

Sea Cucumbers Can Never Touch Oil?

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Rehydrating sea cucumber


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