Our Mission: To Deliver the Health Benefits of Sea Cucumbers to the World in a Sustainable Manner

In 2016, Hong Kong sea cucumber experts Mr. Fung and Mr. Sit founded Labway Biotechnology Limited with a mission to harness and deliver the health benefits of sea cucumbers to the world. Labway setup its research labs at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park and strives to develop sea cucumber supplements that allow people to enjoy the health benefits of sea cucumbers in the most convenient manner.

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® contains 3 species of sea cucumber with the most effective saponins based on our research with Hong Kong universities. Take 2 capsules to gain maximum health benefits out of its active ingredients for your convenient daily intake.

To further promote the idea of incorporating healthy sea cucumbers into your diet, Labway’s sea cucumber experts launched the Premium Hokkaido Petite Sea Cucumbers in 2021, which allows you to savour one a day and replenish your vitality!

Premium Hokkaido Petite Sea Cucumbers Presented by Sea Cucumber Experts

Savour One a Day and Replenish your Vitality.

Hailing from the northernmost island in Japan, Hokkaido, resides the most prickly premium sea cucumbers on this planet. Our premium petite sea cucumbers allow for practical daily use, while the custom packaging alone speaks a thousand words as a gift to your friends they’ll love.

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All Natural SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®

Proudly Made in Hong Kong, R&D with Hong Kong Universities.

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® is an all natural supplement that contains 3 species of sea cucumber with the most effective saponins based on our research with Hong Kong universities. 2 SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® contain saponins as effective as 1 Sea Cucumber that is crucial to improve your health and vitality, including fight major illness, improve immune health and quality of sleep.

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Unique Health Benefits of Sea Cucumbers

Healthy Immune Balance

Through over 18 types of amino acids, saponins and mucopolysaccharides, sea cucumbers support immune health and power up your body’s natural defense to let you stay away from different types of ever-mutating enemies of your health.

Help You Fight Major Illness

Unique saponins in certain sea cucumbers attack and inhibit growth of abnormal cells. Together with mucopolysaccharides, which inhibit angiogenesis and prevent the growth and metastasis of abnormal cells, these 2 special elements give you the best support to fight abnormal cells.

Anti-fatique & Better Sleep

Sea cucumbers contain rich tryptophan that has anti-fatigue properties, improves your quality of sleep and gets your energy back.

Prostate Support

Sea Cucumbers are full of amino acids, its unique arginine helps to enhance vitality, reduces frequency and promotes a healthy prostate, which allow you to build self-confidence and restore quality of life.

Nourish Joints

Sea cucumbers contain chondroitin and glucosamine which strengthen joints and relieve associated pain, help regain your vitality everyday!

Smoothen Skin

Sea cucumbers are not only low in cholesterol, low in fat, but also rich in sea cucumber peptides and collagen which help you to regenerate and restore damaged cells, smoothen and refine your skin, resulting in glowing and youthful looking skin.

Centuries Old Wisdom Meets Technology

Our two founders understand the problems that have long been associated with sea cucumbers. From the inconsistent sources of knowledge about which are suitable for health to the often complicated and tedious soaking procedure. They founded Labway with a mission to combine centuries old wisdom with technology, to deliver the health benefits of sea cucumbers to the world in a sustainable manner.


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