About SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®

What are the ingredients in SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®?

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® is made of 100% natural, wild-catch sea cucumbers with no preservatives, synthetic pigments nor chemicals added.

Each capsule of SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® contains 3 species of sea cucumbers with the most effective saponins based on our research with Hong Kong universities. Labway's experts curate, process, powder and capsulize the best Sea Cucumbers in VCAPS vegetarian capsules to gain maximum health benefit out of its active ingredients for your convenient daily intake.

Where is SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® made?

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® is manufactured in the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology (HKIB).
ISO 22000 certified, proudly made in Hong Kong.

What is the origin of the sea cucumbers in SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules?

Each capsule of SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® comprises 3 species of Sea Cucumbers from South America, Middle East and Africa with the most effective saponins based on our research with Hong Kong universities.

How many SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® should I take everyday?

We advise users to take 2-4 capsules everyday before sleep to gain maximum natural health benefits of sea cucumbers;

6 capsules everyday for users affected by major illness to support immune health and stay away from ever-mutating enemies of your health.

Who is recommended to take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®?

SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® is crucial to improve your health and vitality, applicable to person who has / concerned with:
• Major illness
• Immune health
• Insomnia
• Allergic reactions
• Cardiac health and cholesterol level
• Prostate health

Can I take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® if I am allergic to seafood?

Sea cucumbers are marine animals. If you are allergic to seafood, we recommend you to consult a doctor before taking SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®.

Does SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® contain dairy, gluten, nuts, or sugar?

No. SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® is made with 100% natural wild-catch sea cucumbers.

Can vegetarians take SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules®?

Sea cucumbers are marine invertebrates, vegetarians can consider it on your own initiative to take the supplement.

About Premium Hokkaido Petite Sea Cucumbers

What is the origin of Hokkaido Sea Cucumbers?

Labway selects and imports the finest Hokkaido petite sea cucumbers, harvested in the freshest and coldest waters of the Japan Sea.

Where can I purchase Hokkaido Sea Cucumbers?

Premium Hokkaido Sea Cucumbers are available on Labway’s website and Sheung Wan Flagship Store.

Check Sheung Wan Flagship Store address on Store Location

Online Shopping

How much is the delivery fee?

Free shipping for all local orders.

The delivery fee for worldwide shipping is HK$50 per order. Free shipping will be applied automatically at checkout when the total amount is over HK$1,500 (unavailable for Hokkaido Sea Cucumbers Collection).

What is the return policy for damaged goods?

Labway ensures all products are in good condition before delivery and we only accept return of goods if the product is damaged before receipt or discrepancy between ordering and delivery.

Please Contact Us within 7 days of arrival with its original package and is accompanied by the relevant original invoice issued within the same country.

I am living overseas. Does Labway offer an international delivery service?

Labway gladly accepts orders of SC-3 Sea Cucumber Capsules® from outside Hong Kong. However, due to international logistics restrictions, we are currently unable to offer an international delivery service for Hokkaido Sea Cucumbers. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

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