Sea Cucumber Chicken Soup

<p>During winter, many people often experience cold hands and feet, and the chilly weather can be quite dampening. During such times, a comforting bowl of soup becomes a remedy to revitalize and warm the body! <spanapple color="" emoji'"="">🤩</spanapple></p>

<p>Sea cucumber has long been recognized as a nourishing ingredient, especially when used in a soup. Its original form, when stewed, provides nourishment without causing dryness, making it a wonderfully healthy choice! A user shared their exclusive wellness recipe — the secret behind their Sea Cucumber and Chicken Soup.</p>

<p>The key lies in savoring the chicken broth first to absorb the essence of fresh chicken, followed by steaming sea cucumber and chicken together to experience the dual benefits of nourishment. She emphasized that her older friends are particularly mindful of issues like hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, and hyperglycaemia. They acknowledge that sea cucumber, being low in cholesterol, helps stabilize these three high indices. Consequently, she and her friends regularly incorporate sea cucumber into their diet, developing a habit of consuming sea cucumber stew daily. This practice has proven effective in enhancing immunity, warding off illnesses, improving skin conditions, and boosting overall vitality. <spanapple color="" emoji'"="">💪🏻</spanapple></p>

<p>Whether used for daily health maintenance or as a therapeutic approach against persistent ailments, Sea Cucumber Soup is highly recommended. After trying the Sea Cucumber and Chicken Soup, you're guaranteed to feel warm and healthy!<spantimes new="" roman';="" color:="" #ffffff"=""> </spantimes><br></p><p><img src="" data-image="sxv82h2ths0j"></p>

<p>Exclusive Soup Recipe:</p>


<li>Place chicken breast, ophiopogon root (Mai Dong), and longan meat into a pot. Steam over low heat for about one hour, extracting fresh chicken essence.</li>

<li>Drink up the chicken essence**, then add whole sea cucumber and slices of ginger. </li>

<li>Pour in boiling water, cover the ingredients, and simmer over medium heat for an additional hour. Your delicious soup is now ready!</li>


<p><spanapple color="" emoji'"="">㊙️First savor the chicken essence before indulging in the soup, experiencing a double boost to your health! <spanapple color="" emoji'"="">😋</spanapple></spanapple></p>

<p>**If using chicken, you can remove the skin and trim excess fat first to reduce the greasiness of the chicken essence and soup. This step can be omitted if chicken breast is used.</p>

<p><spanapple color="" emoji'"="">✨Sea Cucumber and Chicken Soup Benefits:</spanapple></p>


<li>Boosts immune system</li>

<li>Nourishes and enhances complexion, improving skin conditions</li>

<li>Improves sleep and enhances vitality</li>

<li>Aids in stabilizing high blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels</li>


<p><spanapple color="" emoji'"="">♨️Stewing Tips:</spanapple></p>

<p>Stewing differs from traditional boiling or slow-cooking methods. By sealing in the pot's contents and cooking in a water bath, the stew preserves the essence of the ingredients, resulting in a clear, sweet-tasting broth and intensified nourishment. The key to successful stewing is using hot water—injecting it into the pot to cover the ingredients expedites cooking and allows flavours to infuse the broth more effectively.</p>

<p><spanapple color="" emoji'"="">🧑🏻‍🍳Nutritional Information:</spanapple></p>


<li>Sea Cucumber: Low in fat and calories, nearly zero cholesterol, containing over 50 nutrients, including 18 essential amino acids. It's a natural and wholesome health booster.</li>

<li>Chicken Breast: Compared to other meats, it has higher protein, lower fat, and lower calories. Opting for hormone-free chicken breast is a healthier choice, free from harmful additives—a reassuring option.</li></ul>

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