【✏️Founders Note】My two colleagues decided to "fire me"!😵

Hey there, folks! I'm Victor🙋🏻‍♂️, the sea cucumber enthusiast! When it comes to starting a business, it's all about the people, people, people! Besides customers, suppliers, and partners, there are those colleagues you see more often than your own family. Talk about a serious case of workaholism!

Now, let me tell you about our team. We've got fresh-faced graduates, big-shot corporate escapees—you name it. But none of them have ever set foot in the wild world of startups before. They're like, "Sea cucumbers? Is that some kind of new trendy sushi roll?" I mean, seriously, they have no clue! When they first joined my sea cucumber empire (aka startup), they were as lost as a sea cucumber in a desert. Even I was still trying to figure things out, so you can imagine the level of confusion. It was like a chaotic underwater disco party without any rhythm or coordination. We were all just swimming in circles, lost and clueless... 🥲

Looking back at our early days, whenever a colleague bombarded me with questions, I'd play the "Boss Card" and tell them, "Hey, buddy, now that you're the boss, you gotta figure it out on your own 😎!" Boy, was I naive! They hadn't been bosses before, so how were they supposed to know the secret handshake of entrepreneurship? How to crunch the numbers? How to sell sea cucumbers like hotcakes? How to charm customers and sweet-talk suppliers without getting tangled up in a seaweed mess? It was a struggle, my friends. A struggle that involved lots of welcome lunches (new hires) and countless boxes of “farewell biscuits” (a Hong Kong workplace tradition when bidding farewell to departing colleagues)

🤦🏻‍♂️. The struggle was real.

But hey, after three long years of trial and error, I had an epiphany—I needed to learn how to manage and grow together with my team if we wanted to conquer the sea cucumber kingdom 💪🏻. So, I dove into the ocean of management books, discovering the holy grail of team building: one-on-one meetings. Yeah, I know, it sounds like a boring HR thing, but trust me, it made a world of difference. I got to understand their challenges, doubts, and even their secret desires for karaoke nights. It was like getting to know the personalities of our little sea cucumber family. And let me tell you, folks, once we got our act together, we were unstoppable!

Fast forward to today, and Labway is a force to be reckoned with. We might be small, but we pack a punch! Each member of our team has their unique talents and continues to level up their skills. But here's the funny part—I still tell them to "be their own bosses" because, hey, that's how you level up in this crazy business game 😬! And you know what? Last year, I introduced "internal entrepreneurship" at our company. I basically gave my colleagues the green light to start their own startups within Labway. They got funding, became shareholders, and turned into boss babes overnight!

And guess what? Two of my colleagues, Arey and Lavinia, embraced the entrepreneurial spirit like sea cucumbers in the deep sea 👩🏻‍🎓! They even joke about "firing me" someday. Can you imagine? They started their own skincare brand using sea cucumbers, and let me tell you, it's making waves in the beauty industry! RTHK, the hippest broadcaster in Hong Kong, even did a whole interview with them. They described me as their mentor, like a Jedi Master guiding them through the treacherous waters of entrepreneurship. It's hilarious, really. They've mastered the art of sea cucumber skincare, promoting their products with passion and answering customer questions like pros. They're doing better than Labway did in its early days! How's that for a plot twist?🤘🏻

So, if you're curious about their epic journey, go ahead and check out their interview. Trust me, it's more entertaining than a synchronized swimming routine with sea cucumbers as the stars. Just click that play button and prepare to be amazed! And hey, if you're ever in need of some sea cucumber secrets or skincare tips, give them a shout. They'll be thrilled to share their wisdom and maybe even convince you to join the sea cucumber revolution. Who knows, you might just become a sea cucumber aficionado yourself!

Remember, folks, in the wild world of startups, it's all about embracing the unknown, diving headfirst into challenges, and having a team that's as tight-knit as a group of synchronized swimmers. Together, we can conquer the ocean and leave a trail of success in our wake. So, buckle up, grab your snorkels, and let's ride the waves of entrepreneurship like sea cucumber superheroes! 💪🏻


Co-founder of Labway

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