【LabwayShare】18 Oct 2019: Labway Sharing Session | 創業思維分享

【LabwayShare】18 Oct 2019: Labway Sharing Session | 創業思維分享



希望藉著今次的分享能夠讓同學了解創業精神,透過Victor的分享啟發他們對「創業」的想法💭 --不單單是開拓生意,而是發揮自己的創意,並借助香港獨有的優勢和資源去解決不同問題和創造價值。


If you are a Form. 5 secondary student in Hong Kong, you are probably busy studying for the DSE exams, preparing universities applications or even thinking about your career paths!

Have you think about starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur?👨‍💼

Labway has recently been invited to share our story at Christian Alliance S C Chan Memorial College, where our founder Victor shared his journey from being a lawyer to starting Labway, how our team try to merge a 100 year old industry with modern science, and of course, the health benefits of sea cucumbers🙆‍♀️

We hope our story can let our students understand that entrepreneurship is not just about starting a business, but also applying our creativity to solve different problems and create value at our society, and Hong Kong is an incredible city to realize anyone’s dreams!💭💭💭

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