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[Free Gift] SC-3 Travel Pack (10 Capsules)

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[Free Gift] SC-3 Travel Pack (10 Capsules)

SC-3 is an all natural, saponin containing supplement that is crucial to improve your health and vitality. Each capsule of SC-3 comprises of 3 types of Sea Cucumbers that contains the most effective saponins based on our research with Hong Kong universities.

Our experts then curate, process, powder and capsulize the best Sea Cucumbers to gain maximum health benefit out of its water soluble active ingredients for your convenient daily intake.

  • IngredientsNatural Wildcatch Sea Cucumbers, pure vegetarian capsules
  • Content: 10 Capsules, 400mg each
  • Recommended use: Twice Daily (orally) 1-2 capsule(s) each time. With meal. 
  • Users affected by major disease: 3 times Daily (orally) 2 capsule each time. With meal.

*SC-3 contains unique smell and taste of all natural sea cucumbers

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Precautions: If discomfort or hypersensitivity occurs, stop taking and consult your doctor. Please do not consume if the package is broken.

Storage instructions: Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool and dry place.